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What software is applicable for Delta’s Programmable Logic Controllers?
How can I simulate the program execution of an AH500 series PLC through ISPSoft software?
A: Open the COMMGR software and click the "Add" button on the right side.

As shown in the figure below, you can name the driver by typing in the column marked with the red 1, and choose "AH500 Simulator" from the dropdown menu for Connection Setup type selection, as marked with the red 2. You can also set the time or time interval of auto-reply from the columns below. Press OK to proceed.

Select the newly added driver AH500 Simulator and click "Start" on the right side to start the communication for simulation.

Open the ISPSoft software, and select the newly added driver AH500 Simulator from the Communication Settings.

Download the programs to the simulated PLC, and you are all set to run the simulation in online mode.

Make sure to turn the simulator switch to RUN on the control interface. (Please download the programs before executing "RUN". Otherwise, ERROR alarms will be given via the indicators.) You may click the IO Module button to monitor the status of the modules.

The ISPSoft software allows the simulation of one single driver for the DVP series PLC at one time, while it provides for the simultaneous simulation of up to 4 drivers for the AH series PLC.
How do I exchange data between the motion control module and the CPU of an AH500 series PLC?
Step 1: Start a project in ISPSoft and double click “HWCONFIG” on the left sidebar.

Step 2: Double click the motion control module “20MC” in operation.

Step 3-1: Set the range and size for data exchange between the motion control module and the CPU.

Step 3-2: Illustration of the data exchange setting:

Step 3-3: The starting address of the CPU and the motion control module 20MC for data exchange is D50 and D5000 respectively, and the data exchange size is 5.

Step 4: Verify the data exchange result via ISPSoft and PMSoft.
What types of communication interfaces does Delta’s AH500 Series support? Will Delta’s AH500 Series be connected through RS-232 communication only?
Delta's AH500 Series supports international standard MODBUS protocols and connections which can be established with the RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 communication interfaces. Enable ISPSoft software, follow the steps below and users can define the desired serial communication type easily.
STEP 1: Double click HWCONFIG

STEP 2: Double click CPU

STEP 3: Select COM Port item and type
How do I set up the communication if more than one Modbus devices are connected?
Enable WPLSoft and click the [PLC Link Configuration] icon (circled in red on the screen shot below) to activate the PLC Link wizard. Then, enter the communication addresses of the corresponding devices.

Next, enable ISPSoft software to complete the communication settings of NWCONFIG, right-click the mouse on RS-485 communication and double click [Construct PLC Link] to enter [PLC Link Table Editor]. Then, enter the communication addresses for the corresponding devices.

Delta PLC Password Settings by WPLSoft
◎Project Password Setting
After the project password setup is complete, when the program file is opened again, the program content will not display. For viewing Ladder content, please click the icon in the red box as shown below, enter the password and click OK.

Program Download:
Password entry is not required for downloading the program. The display screen will remain as a blank page when the downloading process is completed.

Program Upload:
Password entry is required for uploading the program. The PLC program content will show on the display screen when the uploading process is completed.
(The PLC password is the project password)

◎PLC password setting

When only the PLC password is set, password entry is required for downloading or uploading the program.

◎Project password + PLC password
For setting up both the project password and the PLC password, the two sets of password can be different. For downloading the program, password entry is not required; however, password entry (project password) is required to upload the program.
How do I build a connection between a PC and the AH Motion module?

Execute the communication software COMMGR and select the corresponding connection type. Users can link to the AH Motion module by the following two methods.

Case 1: PC link to AHCPU/Motion via mini USB cable line
A. To connect the AH Motion module via an AHCPU connection, please select USB (Virtual COM)
B. To directly connect the AH Motion module, please select RS232 for connection.

Case 2: Users can connect computers with an RJ45 Ethernet cable and the AHCPU/Motion. Users can locate the devices on the network by defining the IP address or using the search function.

A. To connect the AH Motion module via AHCPU, please select Ethernet (default IP address is
B. To directly connect the AH Motion module via an Ethernet cable, please select Ethernet (default IP address is

After finishing the setup for COMMGR, please remember to switch the status of the corresponded driver to start. The status will show “error” if the communication between computer and module is disconnected.

Please open PMSoft software and select the communication setting by clicking 【communication】. Please select the corresponding driver that you chose in COMMGR. (Shown in the window on the right.)

If users choose to connect the AH Motion via AHCPU, they must select the correct racks and their slot positions. For example, if the main rack is number 1, the first extension rack will be number 2 and so on. The maximum is up to number 8. The first slot for the AH500 series is 0 and the number increases to the right side, the maximum is up to number 11.

If users want to directly connect to the AH Motion module, please select Motion Controller

After finishing all the setup above, please select PM Information as a communication option in the PMSoft software. If all setups are correct, the module information of the AHPM or AHMC will appear. Users can then perform program uploads/downloads and online monitoring.

How do I use ISPSoft V2.00 and COMMGR V1.00 to build up a connection between a PC and a PLC (take RS232 as an example)?
Step 1: Please open COMMGR, and then choose the corresponding COM Port (shown in the red box below)

Step 2: After finishing the setup, please change the status of COM Port from STOP to START

Step 3: Please open ISPSoft and click the Communication Settings in the Tools section. Choose the RS232 COM Port, which we set in step 1 in COMMGR, then click OK.

Step 4: Please click the System Information in the PLC menu, if the message box (on the right side in the graphic below) appears, then the connection is successfully built.
How do I modify the authorization setting for ISPSoft’s execution file in the Win7_64Bit System?
Step 1 On the file name, right mouse click and then click on "Properties"

Step 2 The execution file's "Properties" window appears as shown above.

Step 3 Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and "Run this program as an administrator"

Step 4 Click "Change settings for all users" and the window above appears.

Step 5 Again, check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and "Run this program as an administrator" and then click "OK".

Step 6 Click "OK" to complete the Win7_64 Bit authorization setting.
How do we extend the modules of the AH500?
You can extend modules using the existing backplane. When additional backplanes are required, both local I/O extension and remote I/O extension are available. Remote I/O extension is available via DeviceNet.

System Extension Structure
What are the differences between the 10PM series and 20PM series PLC?
See the following drawing
What's the difference between the DVP10MC and the DVPCOPM-SL?
The DVP10MC is a CANopen motion controller and the DVPCOPM-SL is a CANopen master communication module. Both support protocols. The DVP10MC has built-in motion control and PLC functions which adopt the method of CANopen bus to achieve multi-axis motion control. It also supports general extension functions which are the same as the Delta Slim Type extension modules on the left and the PLC on the right. Some default data exchange areas are reserved for data transfer when conducting motion control and program control. Please refer to the figure below:
How can a CAM chart be created on the DVP20PM?
There are two ways to create a CAM chart.
1. Draw E-CAM curves from the CAM chart.
2. Generate E-CAM data from DTO instructions.

The CAM chart draws the curves from point-to-point or via functions.
The DTO instructions automatically create flying shear curves. Users can set relevant parameters and operation requirements for the actual structure of the flying shear. E-CAM curves that meet these requirements can then be created and utilized.
Which DVP-series PLC models support a special left-side extension module?
Four models do: the EH2-L, 28SV, 12SA2, and 20SX2.
Which DVP EH2 PLC models have the 200k high speed pulse output feature?
The 2-axis 200K models that have such a feature are the 20EH00T2, 32EH00T2, and 32EH00T2-L. The 4-axis 200K model that has this feature is the 40EH00T2.
What's the difference between the Delta Slim Type extension module on the left and the general extension module on the right?
The extension module on the left is a parallel high-speed extension module, that includes extensions to the communication module and analog function. The general extension module is a serial extension module on the right, including extensions to I/O points and analog functions, temperature measurement, motion control, and communication and power modules.
How is the input or output mode of Delta analog module set up?
The input or output modes of the Delta analog module all have corresponding control register (CR) numbers. The CR data can be read or written using the From/To instructions.
What are the resolution and range of analog output and digital conversion for the Delta Slim Type analog input module, respectively?
The range of analog input voltage for the analog input module DVP04AD/DVP06AD is ± 10V while the range of digital conversion and resolution are ± 8,000 and 14 bits. The range of analog input current is ± 20mA while the range of digital conversion and resolution are ± 4,000 and 13 bits.
What are the resolution and range of analog output and digital data for the Delta Slim Type analog output module, respectively?
There are 12 bits of resolution for the analog output module DVP02DA/DVP04DA, a range of 0 ~ 10V for the analog voltage output, and a range of 0 ~20mA for the analog current output. All correspond to the range of 0 to 4,000 for digital data.
Are Delta extension modules adaptable on all PLC models?
The Delta extension modules are distinguished by PLC models. Different machines need to use corresponding extension modules.
Is there a PLC command that supports two variable speeds for continuous pulse output control?
Yes, the PLC's "DDRVI" command with the flag "M1119" together can output two variable speeds of continuous pulses. Simply input two sets of frequency and output pulse numbers into the corresponding data register of "DDRVI" and set the flag "M1119" to ON. You will now get a two variable speed continuous pulse output as shown in the figure below. (Note: this function is available for the PLC models DVP28SV with firmware version 2.0 and the higher level models.)

What should I pay attention to when using the Z phase signal for the Z axis of the DVP20PM00M (Delta’s professional motion controller)?
1.For the DVP20PM00M, the zero point signal input for the Z axis is X3. It is an open collector contact input on the internal circuits of the PLC used for the OCZ signal of the connected AC servo drive.
2.The generation of a Z phase signal can be verified by the D1805 input terminal when conducting program monitoring.
3.Please observe the following wiring notes when wiring:
a.Ensure that SS2 on the PLC is connected to a +24V power supply.
b.Ensure that 24G on the PLC is connected to the ground terminal on the servo drive.
c.Ensure that X3 on the PLC is connected to the OCZ terminal on the servo drive.
Delta Ethernet module DVPEN01-SL transmits data through which communication protocol? Any other functions for users’ applications?
DVPEN01-SL transmits data through the standard Modbus TCP. Other functions include:
(1)Email: Set up a recipient email address to send the content of the PLC registers.
(2)Data exchange: 2 DVPEN01-SL modules with DVP-SV series PLCs connected are able to synchronously read or write 100 words of data.
(3)RTU function: With Delta Ethernet remote I/O module RTU-EN01, the DVPEN01-SL is able to achieve mapping functions, monitoring remote AI/AO and DI/DO.
(4)IP filter: You can restrict misconnections, preventing the parameters set in the DVPEN01-SL from being modified by the misconnections.
(5)Password protection: Set the DVPEN01-SL’s IP address, email recipient, data exchange area, RTU and IP filter functions and lock them with a password.
What should I pay attention to when using the simulator in the PLC program editing software WPLSoft and ISPSoft?
The icons circled below are the buttons to enable the simulator in WPLSoft and ISPSoft. Once the simulator is activated, you do not need to select a communication interface for monitoring, uploading and downloading programs. The simulator resembles an actual connection to a PLC, supporting timers and counters. However, the executing time for the timer and counter differs depending on the efficiency of the PC used. The timer functions are the same as those in the DVP-ES/SA series PLC.

1.The simulator is only for testing programs when the user does not have a PLC. The result of the simulation will not be exactly the same as that from a PLC execution. You still have to test the program on an actual PLC before running the program.
3.The simulator in WPLSoft supports error detection. For details, see chapter 12 in "Help" for WPLSoft.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of software and hardware high-speed counters?
The advantage of a software high-speed counter is that every value counted corresponds directly to a device C whereas its disadvantage is it occupies a large amount of CPU space, causing the CPU to do less counting than expected. The advantage of a hardware high-speed counter is that it occupies only a small amount of CPU space, but its disadvantage is that the value counted will only be updated to device C when the DCNT instruction is scanned.
What is the difference between a software high-speed counter and a hardware high-speed counter?
The DVP series PLCs have both software high-speed counters and hardware high-speed counters. All software counters have limited total bandwidth for input and can be short of total bandwidth and pulses for the counting due to too many high-speed counters or enabled external interruptions. However, the hardware counter does independent counting following the hardware input specifications and will not be affected by its other high-speed functions or the total bandwidth problem.
On the output terminal block of DVP-ES2/EX2 transistor output type PLC MPU, there are two different terminals, UP and ZP. How can I wire these two terminals? What are their functions?
All transistor outputs of DVP-ES2/EX2 series PLC contain diode for back EMF protection, which is sufficient for small-power conductive load and average ON/OFF application frequency. However, in big-power or high ON/OFF frequency environments, please connect to another suppression circuit (as shown in the figure below) to lower the noise and prevent damages on the transistor output circuit resulting from over-voltage or overheating.
The transistor outputs are all open collector; therefore, if Y0/Y1 is set to be pulse output and to ensure the transistor module works normally, the pull-up resistor has to be maintained at output current > 0.1A.
Circuit wiring for transistor output:
What are M-Code instructions that can not be used when using Delta DVP-20PM series motion controllers?
Because O100 main program specifies End Command M102 and OX0 ~ OX99 motion subroutines specifies End Command M02, ensure not to use M102 and M02 these two M-Code when using Delta DVP-20PM series motion controllers.
What is the time unit of G-code, G04 (pause for time) which is provided in DVP20PM00D?
The time unit of G4XT is second and the time unit of G4PT is millisecond.
Delta DVP-PM series motion controllers support M-Code. What is M-code? How to use it?
M-Code is an auxiliary function and generally placed in the subroutine of OX00~OX99 and used to be interrupt point of the program. If M-Code instruction is used in the program, when executing M-Code instruction, it is need to save the M-code into D1703 first. When M-Code is activated, the status of M1794 will be ON automatically. If M1744 is set to be ON at this time, M1794 will be OFF and it indicates that the operation of M-Code instruction is completed.
Using M-Code is able to control Y output. When high byte of D1873 is set to 1, it indicates output function is enabled. If setting low byte of D1873 to the starting number of Y output, when the status of M1794 is turned to ON, i.e. M-Code instruction is activated, the Y output which corresponds to D1873 will be ON also. When the status of M1794 is set to OFF, Y output will be OFF as well. Please refer to the following example. It is suppose that the users can display the current execution number of M-Code via Y device when M6 is activated.
(1)First set the parameter values of D1873 as follows:
Please see the picture
(2)Execute M-Code (M6), and then DVP-PM series will write the value of K6 into D1703 automatically and write the value of D1703 into K2YN. Please note that N is the starting number of Y output. For example:
MOV H6 D1703
MOV D1703 K2YN
What is G-code? What kinds of G-code instructions do Delta DVP-PM series motion controllers support?
G-Code is a preparation function which is also called as processing instruction code used to command the operation of the machine tool.
DVP20PM00D supports: G00 (High-Speed Positioning), G01 (Synchronous Linear Interpolation), G02 (Clockwise Arc/Clockwise Helical Movement), G03 (Counterclockwise Arc/ Counterclockwise Helical Movement), G04 (Pause Time) , G90 (Set-up Absolute Coordinate) and G91 (Set-up Relative Coordinate)
DVP20PM00M supports: In addition to the above functions, DVP20PM00M also supports G17 (Set-up X-Y surface), G18 (Set-up X-Z surface) and G19 (Set-up Y-Z surface).
What is the difference of between the specifications of DVP20PM00D and DVP20PM00M (DVP-PM series motion controller)?
please see the picture
How do DVP-EH2 and DVP-28SV series PLC change the zero-return direction when reaching LSP/LSN? Or are there any other commands able to do so?
DVP-EH2 and DVP-28SV do not have LSP/LSN defining function. The proper solution will be to write a ladder program that commands motor to conduct with Y1 signal. For example:
DVP-ES2/EH2 has negative limit function which will enable M1307 and trigger X5 when executed. For more information, please refer to DVP-ES2/EX2 application manual.
ISPSoft and WPLSoft are both the editing software of Delta DVP series PLC. What are the advantages of ISPSoft? What are the differences between ISPSoft and WPLSoft? What PLC models does ISPSoft support?
ISPSofte is the new programming software which supports ladder diagram, function block and many other programming modes. It’s able to edit program in modular way to save your time in developing large projects, and the already made function block can be reused to increase your economical benefit. As to the difference between WPLSoft and ISPSoft, the task assignment function, function block and variation declaration function of ISPSoft can be adopted by WPLSoft while which of WPLSoft can’t be adopted by ISPSoft. ISPSoft support all DVP series of PLC.
Does the inner value of PLC remains when the power is off?
Yes, the inner value will remain if you use latched device.
Is the address of EH COM2 common with using F485 function card?
Yes, although the COM port is different, but the address is the same.
How to set PLC as master and HMI as slave to communicate?
HMI has to be set as slave mode, and both PLC and HMI have to set the same protocol. Using Modbus communication instructions MODRD/MODWR/MODRW to communicate HMI via RS485. Please refer user manual for further information.
Is there any rule to be followed when PLC connecting extension module?
Nothing particular has to be followed, but suggest the DI/O module to add on the most far side.
Why the temperature curve shakes when using 04PT?
Maybe the environment is unstable. And notice to keep far from noise and do some prevention of noise.
How to copy device comments from one WPLSoft program to another?
After compiling, copy .rcm is OK.
Whether if all PLC support the COM1 protocol changing function?
Only the firmware version newer than ES/EX/SS_V6.0、SA/SX_V1.2、SC_V1.0、EH_V1.1、SV_V1.0、EH2_V1.0 is OK.
How can I get the software of Delta PLC, do I have to purchase it?
Software is called WPLSoft and user can download on Delta website.
The program is like:SUB D172 K20 D173
When D172=any value,D173=0,even if set D173 as any other value cannot change it, but change D173 to D174 is OK, why?
D172 suppose to be 32bit and take 2 continuous registers.
Could extension module be read/wrote by HMI directly(not via PLC)?
Yes, connecting HMI and module by RS485 and confirm the station address of module. Selecting Delta Controller ASCII in Base Port control selection, and choose PLC_MODULE for device.
What can I do if I don’t know the station address of PLC?
Set the station address as 0 in WPLSoft, and it would broadcast to search automatically.
SX has 2AI, but only 1 common, can the current and voltage plug together?
Yes, the common is the same,
How to use RTC?
Users can read D1313~D1319 registers of PLC or using RTC related instruction API160~API169.
There is no RUN/STOP switch on ES、EX,how can I set it run?
Using WPLSoft to run PLC, and the state would be store. That means after power off and then on again, PLC would be still in run state.
How to decide Kp、Ki、Kd of PID instruction?
When first executing PID, suggest to set auto-tuning mode. And the sampling time depends on the environment. If the value changes rapidly then the sampling time has to be set smaller.
After auto-tuning, check the temperature curve, if raising rapidly, suggest to reduce Kp, if shaking too strong, suggest to reduce Ki. Please refer the user manual for more information.
How to use PLC and Servo to implement zero return?
After PLC connecting to Servo, executing zero return instruction of PLC (ZRN).
Can extension module be added more than 8?
No, but for SV can add 8 on left side and 8 on right side.
Can ES add temperature module and not change PLC?
Extension module can be connected via directly plug of via RS485. So ES can connect other type MPU module via RS485.
What can I do if I need more current than PS01 or PS02 provides?
Parallel connecting 2 PS02, means connect 24V and 0V together can provide 4A current.
Can program in DVP-ES be directly transfer to other types(SA or EH)?
Yes, because the program capacity of ES is fewest and not have to worry about program losing.
What does the RS232 port on Ethernet module EN01 use to, can users download program via it?
RS-232 is only for configuring EN01, like setting IP address, not for program downloading.
What has to do if Ethernet module cannot connect Ethernet?
Making sure if the IP address is right firstly, and check if be blocked by firewall. If still not work, please contact MIS member to solve.
Is there any limitation or anything need to be noticed while using DeviceNet module?
The max number of DeviceNet is 64 and longest is 500m.Because the biggest advantage of DeviceNet is the stabilization, using specific cable is needed.
Can Delta PLC be controled by SCADA?
Yes, can use Modbus or Ethernet(for SV) to read/write device inside PLC via indicating its address.
How to design a system that includes two PLCs, one is master, and the other is its backup. While the master is terminated due to some problems, then the backup would start immediately?
Basically the master can always send signal to backup as running and as long as the backup cannot receive the signal, that means something wrong with the master, then backup start to run. When the signal is back again, the backup goes to stop. Using MODRD/MODWR or RS instructions.
Is there any limitation or anything need to be noticed while using Ethernet module?
Just adding Ethernet module to SV and connecting Ethernet, setting IP is OK. But have to notice the network environment, like firewall, or if has DHCP server.
Can the two com port of PLC be used to connect different devices at the same time?
Yes, and no special limitation.
If PC only has USB port, can it communicate to PLC by USB?
PLC dosen’t support USB communication interface so far, so users have to use RS232-USB converter or using By Pass function of HMI.
Is there any instruction can be used while connecting to devices which don’t support Modbus protocol?
API 80 RS instruction is specific for serial port data transferring, and please refer user manual for further information.
Why PLC cannot be reomte monitor by GSM modem as if the program in PLC inculdes sending SMS function?
The COM port would be occupied as long as there is sending SMS instruction in the program, so the COM port cannot be used to monitor anymore.
Can EH be slave by built-in RS485, and be master by F485 card?
No, function card could only be slave.
Is PLC-Easy Link Delta’s own protocol?
PLC-Easy Link follows Modbus protocol, all Delta products has built-in Modbus protocol and design special registers to implement data exchanging easily.
If the RS232 port of PLC has been occupied, then how to use IFD8500 gateway to connect RS485 port of PLC?
EH can add RS232 function card, and if need to use IFD8500, just input 24VDC and one side connect RS232, the other connect RS485 would be OK.
How to transfer data between PLC and other devices via RS485?
Every device has to be set the same protocol and each has to has its own station address then indicate the Modbus address of the devices which want to transfer data to.
Is there any special D or M need to be set while PLC connecting other devices via RS485?
D1120(set communication protocol)、M1120(keep communication protocol)、D1121(set RS485 station address)、M1143(ASCII/RTU mode select)。
How can reduce the communication time between MPU and extension module?
While using FROM/TO instructions, not using M1000 to be condition if necessary, otherwise, using more FROMP/TOP to instead of FROM/TO.
How to use RAMP instruction to cooperate with PLSV?
PLSV does not have "acc/dec function", so users can set the frequency of as PLSV D0, then use RAMP to make D0 increase/decrease progressively to implement the dcc/dec function of PLSV.
How to use M1261 of EH?
Can refer API54 DHSCR instruction.
Only for EH hardware high speed counter and use external X for return point.
Return point is ON, counter returns, and M1261=ON, then DHSCR result output (Y returns).
Return point is ON, counter returns, and M1261=OFF, then DHSCR result not output (Y not returns).
Why the result of using SPD to read encoder feedback signal is 1 while the pulse output stops?
May be due to the noise, or the mechanism to make the situation happened.
How to use DHSCS/DHSCR instructions?
User can use the instructions with counter interrupt, please refer the user manual for more information.
What are motion control instructions that Delta PLC has?
PLSV(pulse output)、PLSR(pulse output with acc/dec)、DRVI(relative position instruction)、DRVA(absolute position instruction), SV and EH2 support interpolation instruction PPMR/A(line)、CLLM(circle).
What does it mean to add P on the end of instruction, like MOVP、INCP..etc?
Pulse upper trigger, means the instruction would be executed once, but ES/SS don’t support this function.
How to do floating calculation in PLC?
Using floating points instructions.(Please refer API110~API138)。
How to read/write data from/to extension module?
Use API78 FROM and API79 TO instructions, the extension module fof right side is from 0, and SV left side extension module is from 100, if need further information, please check the user manual.
Do Delta PLC provide online editing function?
WPLSoft 2.09 provides online editing function, can download program while PLC is running.
The limitation of SA_V1.4/SX_V1.4/SC_V1.2/EH2/SV is 49 STEPS, other firmware version SA/SX/SC/EH/EH2/SV is 15 STEPS。
What are the index registers, and how to use them?
For example, if put values in E、F, like:MOV K8 E, then write MOV K100 D0E, D0E means D(0+8)=D8, D8 is K100. If users have to keep storing data, they can use this method to change registers to save.
What kinds of temperature control instructions do Delta PLC have?
Users can use PID or FTC(Fuzzy temperature control), the parameters and usage are different, if need further information, please check the user manual.
What can I do if forgetting the password of PLC?
Open WPLSoft->Communication->Setup PLC program memory-> Back to factory setting. The password and program would all be erased.
Are the software of 20PM and WPLSoft the same?
The program structure of 20PM includes main program and position sub program and support G-code, so it needs specific software called PMSoft.
What are the differences between EH2 and EH, and can they compatible the same extension module?
EH2 do a lot changes on hardware design, it improve the communication performance between MPU and extension module and need only 1ms. Because the hardware design is different, the module is different, too.
Can the DVP01PU-H implement interpolation function?
01PU did not support interpolation function, but it can implement variable speed, interrupt speed. If need interpolation function, please choose SV and EH2.
The interrupt types of Delta PLC?
External interrupt—As external signal input, then interruption would be triggered.
Time interrupt—User can set when to trigger the interruption.
Communication interrupt—Using RS instruction to receive some specific word to trigger interruption.
Counter interrupt—Using HSCS instruction to trigger interruption.
Pulse interrupt—Indicate specific output point and interruption would be triggered as starting output pulse.
What types of PLC has 200KHz pulse output?
EH(20、32 points)、EH2(20、32、40 points)and SV.
What kinds of network that Delta PLC support?
Now Delta products have DeviceNet master, slave module, gateway, Ethernet module, Profibus slave module, Canopen master module, gateway and keep developing other network products.
Can the left side extension module be connected to other Slim type series PLC?Or just to SV?
Only SV support left side extension module so far.
What types of PLC can output differential signal presently?
DVP32EH00M can do it, and DVP-20PM can not only output differential signal but also support MPG input directly.
What types of PLC supports AB phase output?
What is the limitation of the bandwidth of SC?
The bandwidth of SC pulse output+ counter is 130KHz, and in firmware V1.2 and V1.4 support two axis output pulse at the same time. Y10 is 60k max, and Y11 has to be lower than Y10 and 40k max. So the bandwidth of counters is only 30k, but high speed counter X10 and X11 are not limit by it. High speed counter can reach 100k max and 130k totally.
What type of analog module is bipolar?
Only DVP-10SX.
How the PLC expands its IO points?
Add IO extension module. EX/SS can support to 238 points, SC/SA can support to 236 points, SX can support to 230 points, ES can support to 256 points, EH/SV can support to 512 points.
Whether if each channel of 20EX has both voltage and current input?
Yes, all have both voltage and current input.
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